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Reforming CCCF Health Ministry

Outdoor Aerobics

Hi Health Fanatics,

We are looking to work on some new ideas on how to reform the Health Ministry and make it more interactive with your health in mind. We have considered the following;

  • Sharing Sunday's health moment on the website

  • Adding resources and documentation to the website regarding Health information received

  • Creating 4 exercise sessions per year

  • Adding new fitness challenges and goals with a different health emphasis per session

We are looking to incorporate one of the following outdoor activities to each session:

  • Tennis

  • Volleyball

  • Walking

  • Skating

  • Maybe even Biking

We also look forward to incorporating:

  • Speakers (Guest or Members)

  • Food Demonstrators (Guest or Members)

  • Relaxation

Sessions will be broken down into 13 weeks (4 times a year). Allowing each member to share in this ministry in their season(s). The ideas mentioned will be added to the existing Monday Exercise Classes that are held at the Samuel L. Walker Community Center. Details are a work in progress. We look forward to knowing what will make for a Great Exercise/Health Ministry. So please, share your ideas, your time and your health with us. This is a journey for all!

This has been your Health Moment.

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