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Our Mission is to teach skills and discover potential. We help persons develop character and a spiritual awareness of design and purpose. We assist the general public with obtaining basic education specifically targeting at risk and underprivleged children, youth and adults. The programs also provide basic life skill training and fosters organizational habits that proves beneficial in maintaining a productive life. CCCO is a resource for accessing educational tools and materials to make pursuing education achievable through motivation, encouragement, workshops and hands on assistance. All in a faith-based environment. 

Reading and Math 

Our Youth Alive Tutorial is designed to assist children with Reading and Math Skills through Hooked on Phonics, Educational Games and Computer-Based programs such as ABC Mouse, Math Moves U and Starfall. Practice Leap Testing is also available. Activities are scheduled in blocks over one and a half hour of time Tuesday - Thursday's each week. Each student is given individualized activities allowing each child to progress at his or her pace.


Please stop by on Tuesday - Thursday's from 5:30 p.m - 7:00 p.m. to speak with a Tutor on how to become a volunteer or to obtain services. 

Computer Training 

Our Computer Lab is a multi-purpose center. Inside the computer lab, there are 12 computers and a printer and fax center. The use of the lab is to host workshops, provide technology basic training as it relates to computers and softwares. We also offer 6-week online courses via Gale. Courses include, but are not limited to: Accounting, Business, Computer Applications, Health and Medical Care, Law and Legal, etc. Young Adults (11-17) and Adults are welcomed to come and sign-up for classes and programs. Seats are limited. 


For more information, please send us a email at or call 504-723-6087. 

Adult Education
HiSet Test Prep

Our Adult Education preparation class is designed to prepare adults for the Louisiana HiSet (High School Equivalency Test) Exam (formerly known as GED). Students will work in a computer lab environment to obtain the neccessary skills required to prepare for the test. There will be an on-site technical and educational support member for the students. Once a student successfully completes at least 120 hours of preparation and both the teacher and student feels preparation is suitable to move forward with taking the exam, we would assist with one-time cost of testing. 


To learn more about our HiSet Test Preparation classes, please send an email to or call 504-723-6087.

Interview Skills and Business Etiquette

Every person may have taken a ISBE training during their high school or post secondary education. If not, we have just the right program for you. This training is designed for groups ages 14 and over. In this training, students learn how to properly complete an application, how to prepare a effective resume, how to conduct oneself in an interview, how to conduct oneself on the job, how to acquire the proper attire for an interview upon confirmation, do's and don'ts in the business world and the right information to bring along on the interview.


ISBE sessions will be instructed by business leaders and workforce employees. 


For more information, sned an email to or call 504-723-6087.


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