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Summers around the corner!!

With Summer just around the corner, school is now out and families are vacationing... we want to take the time to just touch on a few must-knows that can make this season a lot more bearable.

The very first rule of summer is to "Stay Hydrated". Drink Plenty of fluids (especially water) to avoid dehydration. Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol which actually dehydrates the body.

Avoid Strenuous Outdoor Activity. This can deplete the body of resources.

Try to plan around the hottest part of the day. Such as going out very early morning to wash your vehicles, mow the lawns, clean gardens and any yard work of this sort. Also, planning outdoor events late in the day can help with beating the heat. It also gives you time to make sure you're well hydrated and rested for the day ahead. Plan indoor outings if possible, such as going catch a movie, visiting a library or even an indoor water park.

Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen! Keep it in your car, on your job and most importantly on your skin. This will help aid of those unwanted rays that damages the skin.

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