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CCCF Resources

Central City Christian Fellowship and it's Leaders are committed to finding the latest and greatest resources that are available for our members, our community and all eligible persons. We thrive on being able to help one in their time of growth and testimony. We know that GOD will show His Glory through the many resources available.

If you, or someone you know are in need of housing support, please see the link. Here you will find the help you need to gain suitable housing for you and your family


If you need further assistance with filling in your application or downloading the documentation, please email



Once a month we partner with Second Harvest of New Orleans to feed the community in need. If you find that you are in need, we welcome you to fill out the Second Harvest Application and submit it back to CCCF for processing.

The food Drive is held every 2nd Saturday of the month. To download the application or for more information see the link below.


Have you been struggling to eat right, exercise or lose weight? Do you want to learn more about the body and/or conditions and diseases you or a loved one may be suffering with? Visit us each and Monday from 6:30pm-7:30pm @ The Samuel J. Walker Community Center. Here you will be able to get your questions answered and work out in Joy and Peace amongst other Christians working to get Healthy. Please see the Your Health Link for more information regarding our Health Classes and Documentation.

Health Care

​Don't be left out! We understand that Great Health Care comes with a great price. We can provide you with details in attaining affordable Health Care so that you can get the care you need anytime you need it. If you are someone you know need this care, please use the "HealthCare" link below to get more details.



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