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Our 1st Annual

Christian Singles Fellowship

Are you Tired of....

 Unmeaningful Relationships

  Same Circle of Relationships

Looking for Just one Peson worthy of your time

Why am I here?

Well, you have come to the right place.

Central City Christian Fellowship will be holding it's First Annual Christian Singles Fellowship.


At CCCF we believe that having healthy relationships and dating are a very real and very serious issue that Christians are challenged with everyday. We believe that having healthy relationships can create happy lives when two are walking in agreement with the same, yet positive values. We believe that relationships should begin with dating others that are growing in the same direction. We know that all things start in Christ! No matter how big or small. Therefore, we beleive that if you found yourself here, you too share the same beliefs. 


Your Evening

We've put together a Great Evening of Enjoyment & Excitment for You. We've lined up one of The Most Influential Couples to come and get our event off to the Great Start. We have put together some awesome ice-breaker games & entertainment to keep things flowing in the right direction. We've even put our hands on some great gifts for some of our guest. There's also a door prize for the first person who arrives!! As Always... Refreshments will be served. 


Our Mission

Our mission is that you will not leave the same way you came!


Are You Ready

Well, if you answered yes to any of the "Being Tired" questions above.... We believe that this event is for you and we believe that you are ready! Please click the link below for further details.


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